1 Year Value Air Filter Kit

1 Year Value Air Filter Kit



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Genuine Honeywell HRF-ARVP300 1-Year Value Filter Kit for Extra Large Room HPA300 Series HEPA Console Air Purifiers

  • A year supply of OEM HEPA filters R and carbon pre-filters A; designed exclusively to fit Honeywell Medium Room HEPA Console Air Purifiers: HPA300C, HPA304 series, HPA3300 series, HPA5300 series, HPA5350BC, HPA8350 series
  • Includes 3 HEPA filters R. Helps capture up to 99.97% of microscopic allergens, 0.3 micron and larger (1)
  • Includes 4 pre-cut pre-filters A. Deodorizes the air, reducing odours with activated carbon. Traps larger particles such as dust, lint, fibres and pet fur (1)
  • For best performance replace your HEPA R filters 1x per year and your A pre-filters 4x per year (1 pre-filter every 3 months). To ensure stated product performance, use only genuine Honeywell replacement filters
  • #1 Brand Recommended by Allergists (2). Voted most trusted Air Purifier brand (in a tie) by Canadian shoppers based on the 2021 BrandSpark Canadian Trust Study