MulitQuick 6-Cup Food Processor Attachment

MulitQuick 6-Cup Food Processor Attachment


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Multiquick 6-cup Food Processor Attachment

Efficiently process ingredients for quick and easy meal prep. You'll no longer need to pull out your large, bulky, old food processor. The compact 6-cup food processor attachment for the line of Braun MultiQuick Hand Blenders is the perfect tool for meal prep. It makes chopping, julienne, slicing and shredding your favorite ingredients easier than ever before. The 6-cup capacity is great for all types of food prep- small, medium and large batches of ingredients can be accomodated. The 6-in-1 use covers everything you'll need. It includes a coarse shredding insert, fine shredding insert, julienne insert, slicing insert, a unique French Fry-dedicate insert and a large chopping blade. All the inserts and bowl can be washed in the dishwasher for easy clean up. With the SmartSpeed technology, you can control how fast or slow you process. This attachment fits the MultiQuick 7 Hand blender models.

Compatible with the MQ5 Series and MQ7 Series or products.